Water at home

Enjoy the best natural mineral water in your home with all the comforts while preserving the environment
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Enjoy the Eden water service in your home

Why continue carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket when we can bring the water straight to your house? Your days are meant to be enjoyed not spent taking care of these little details. This is why we want to offer you our water service straight to your home.
In addition, our water solutions for homes is respectful to the environment, since our bottles are reusable and recyclable. You can enjoy the convenience of our water while protecting the environment! 

water at home

How does Eden's household service work?

At Eden we offer you a comfortable way to enjoy water in your home. We leave you the cooler and you only pay for the bottles you consume. We arrange a delivery day that suits your needs, we give you the water, you enjoy it, we pick up the empty bottles and we supply you with new water bottles. As easy as that!

water delivery at home

Where do we supply water for households?

The Eden water service for homes is available throughout almost all the Iberian peninsular. Depending on the amount of customers in each area, we can offer one or two delivery schedules, but we will always look for ways to find an option that fits. When you sign up for the service, our advisors will agree with you on the time slot that suits you best.


In Eden we are committed to reaching as many homes as possible, but if the service we offer in your area is not the one you are looking for, or we cannot reach your area, please leave us your contact details. We will call you to find a way to supply you according to your needs. If not, we will take note of your area and take it into account for when we expand our service.